Powerful Infrastructure Automation

Chef ensures that systems are configured consistently and continuously in any environment, at any scale.

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Introducing Chef Workstation

Chef Workstation gives you everything you need to get started with Chef. Start scanning and configuring your environments today with InSpec and chef-run.

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  • Effortless Workstation Setup

    Chef Workstation's one-click install makes it easier than ever to start automating your infrastructure.

  • Ad-Hoc Configuration Tasks

    Apply dynamic, repeatable configurations to your servers directly over SSH or WinRM.

  • Robust Testing & Development Tools

    Chef Workstation includes the full Chef Development Kit, providing tools for authoring and testing your own Chef Cookbooks.

Repeatable, Automated Configurations Drive Continuous Improvement

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Ad-Hoc Tasks

Use Chef Workstation to quickly configure servers directly over SSH or WinRM

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Codified Configuration

Chef's declarative resources provide repeatable definitions for common configuration tasks.

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Easy to Learn

Get started creating your own Chef cookbooks in our self-guided learning modules at Learn Chef Rally.

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Visibility at Scale

Integrated with Chef Automate to provide an auditable history of all change being applied to your environments.

Ad-Hoc Configuration with Chef Workstation
  1. Chef Workstation lets you execute Chef resources and recipes on servers whether or not they've been bootstrapped with the Chef Client.
  2. With the full Chef Development Kit included, Chef Workstation provides everything you need for consuming or creating Chef code.
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Chef Cloud Resources
  1. Chef integrates with cloud provisioning APIs so you can launch, bootstrap, and configure new instances with a single command.
  2. Cloud resources let you manage cloud storage, database, access control, and virtual networking solutions with the same code you use to configure your on-premises estate.
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Chef Client Run Data in Chef Automate
  1. Chef Automate provides operational visibility of every change implemented across your estate.
  2. Event feeds show not just how your environments are changing, but when Chef code is updated and by whom.
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