Chef Workstation Logs

Chef Workstation logs are stored in ~/.chef-workstation/logs.

Uninstall instructions


Run the following code in your terminal:

rm -rf /opt/chef-workstation;
chefdk_binaries="berks chef chef-apply chef-shell chef-solo chef-vault cookstyle dco delivery foodcritic inspec kitchen knife ohai push-apply pushy-client pushy-service-manager chef-client"
  binaries="chef-run chefx $chefdk_binaries"

for binary in $binaries; do
  rm -f $PREFIX/bin/$binary


Use Add / Remove Programs to remove the Chef Workstation product on the Microsoft Windows platform.


Remove using respective package manager based on the distribution, for example, yum or apt.

Error code CHEFINT001


An remote error has occurred:

  Your SSH Agent has no keys added, and you have not specified a password or a key file.

This error now appears as CHEFTRN007. If you’re running an older version of chef-run it will appear as CHEFINT001 with the message above. Follow the steps detailed under CHEFTRN007 below to resolve.

Error code CHEFTRN007

No authentication methods available

This error occurs when there are no available ssh authentication methods to provide to the server. chef-run requires a password, a key file, or a .ssh/config host entry containing a KeyFile. Information about each option is below.

resolve via chef-run flags

Use --password to provide the password required to authenticate to the host:

chef-run --password $PASSWORD --password

Alternatively, explicitly provide an identity file using ‘–identity-file’:

chef-run --identity-file /path/to/your/ssh/key

resolve by adding key(s) to ssh-agent

# ensure ssh-agent is running.  This may report it is already started:
$ ssh-agent

# Add your key file(s):
$ ssh-add
Identity added: /home/timmy/.ssh/id_rsa (/home/timmy/.ssh/id_rsa)

resolve by adding a host entry to ~/.ssh/config

Add an entry for this host to your .ssh/config:

  IdentityFile /path/to/valid/key